About me & this site

…in case people are curious for some background info, when reading those ‘personal year chart’ pages.

Three basic facts about me:

  • Born: in the spring of 1981
  • Gender: female (yes, despite my atypical hobby ‘making radio’)
  • Living in: the south of The Netherlands; somewhere to the east of Bois-Le-Duc

About this website

  • Making websites since: Autumn 2000, starting with a free Tripodnet home page. Since then, I’ve published many, many versions of link blogs (especially in the early 00s), even more different versions of music sites,¬† and also a huge 90s/00s nostalgy site. The current concept – online since 2010 – is easy-to-update, while I can share my passion.
  • Why ‘wwzapper.com’? In 2003, when I registered my domain, my site was a link blog. Zapping through the world wild web, finding nice things, and sharing them with my visitors: ‘world wide zapper’ sounded original and fitted the contents. And it still does, although nowadays it’s music instead of nice websites.

About (my passion for) music:

  • Listening seriously to music since: Early 1990, when I got hit by this compilation cd, played by my dad. I was 9 years old, and after asking for some instructions, I started making use of dad’s hifi installation by myself.
  • More about playing music in the very early days: Cds and vinyl records from my dad, containing old pop/rock classics, classical music and (somewhat corny) stuff like Luv and BZN. Besides that: music from a Dutch children choir called ‘Kinderen Voor Kinderen’. English translation: ‘Children For Children’.
  • Listening to contemporary pop and dance music since: Halfway 1991, after playing with my clock radio, and discovering Radio 3 (nowadays called 3FM). Dance became the most important genre to me very soon, starting with T99 – Anasthasia (Scirocco Mix). My parents weren’t very happy with it…
  • First single: 2 Unlimited – No limit, Februari or March 1993. A cd maxi single containing 6 tracks, all totally played to death. I didn’t buy lots of singles, though, because of lack of money. I was 11/12 years old.
  • First cd: Kinderen Voor Kinderen 11, december 1990. A ‘Sinterklaas’ present.
  • First cd, containing more grown-up music: 2 Unlimited – Get ready, somewhere in 1992.
  • More cds in my – early – childhood? Lack of money made me mostly borrow cds from the local library, and taping them. Much to my pleasure, all Turn Up The Bass, House Party, Techno Trance, Move The House, etcetera compilation stuff was available there.
  • Idols in the past: Not very surprising: 2 Unlimited. I was a huge fan from spring 1992 till the split-up in 1996, and especially their second album ‘No limits’ (released in the spring of 1993) was a real milestone. In 1994, I was literally counting the days till the follow-up ‘Real things’ would be released, although that album didn’t seem to have the same impact.
  • Other idols? No. Also no boybands. I remember finding a lot of boyband fans kinda sad, btw…

 Radio/more about musical influences

  • Listening to the radio since: Like I said before: halfway 1991 –> the Dutch station Radio 3 (nowadays 3FM), especially the ‘Tros’ Thursday and ‘Veronica’ Friday.
  • Other important stations: Atlantis/Channel X, a local Dutch dance station (1997/1998), and Dancenet/DanceRadioOne (2000-2003). Tastewise, last one was very influential; along with Id&T Radio in the same period, it made me listen to more ‘serious’ dance music –> in the era 1994-2000, I remember my taste in music being quite flat. I also have to mention the sophisticated feel of Radio FG/Underground FG (in 2005), when it comes to developing the danceable side of my current taste.
  • Important radio shows in the past: Dance Trax, For Those Who Like To Groove, Rinkeldekinkel, Stenders & Van Inkel, Avondspits, Popshop/The Magic Friends. Although last one was important because there wasn’t much choice around 4pm, right after school, in 1992-1994. All shows mentioned here were broadcasted by Radio 3, btw. There was another Dutch pop station, called Radio 538, but I wasn’t able to listen to it. Where I was living, this ‘cable only’ station – back then – wasn’t available.
  • Other musical influences? Studio Brussel’s hiphop show ‘The hop’ (hosted by Lefto) was an important one, around march 2008, because of discovering less mainstream black/exotic music. In combination with discovering Miles Davis’ Bitches brew, a couple of months earlier, everything felt into place. Tastewise, the years before were somethat confusing. Having actually ‘dance roots’, since 2005 I was more and more listening to other kinds of music (in general more relaxed compared to the years before), and also to a lot more music released before the 90s. 2005-2008 was a transition period.
  • How discovering music nowadays? Mostly internet radio. I’ve got a couple of internet radios at home; among them a Squeezebox. It’s a relaxed way of discovering great music, you only have to know some stations fitting your musical taste. And from time to time, I stumble upon nice tracks by reading nice reviews, clicking something at YouTube, etcetera. But I don’t want to force it. I’ve downloaded excessively in the past, with the result of getting completely tired of music, late 2004/early 2005. Not again, please. It’s simply impossible to know everything. :)
  • Making radio by myself since: March 2011, when I started my first internet station ‘Only 00s’. It doesn’t exist anymore.





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