About me & this site

…in case people are curious for some background info, when reading those ‘personal year chart’ pages.

Three basic facts about me:

  • Born: in the spring of 1981
  • Gender: female (yes, despite my atypical hobby ‘making radio’)
  • Living in: the south of The Netherlands; somewhere to the east of Bois-Le-Duc

About this website

  • Making websites since: Autumn 2000, starting with a free Tripodnet home page; the start of experimenting with about 39204090 versions of sites (among them a huge 90s/00s nostalgy site). Being in calmer waters now, the current concept – online since 2010 – is easy-to-update, while I can share my passion.
  • Why ‘wwzapper.com’? In 2003, when I registered my domain, my site was a link blog. Zapping through the world wild web, finding nice things, and sharing them with my visitors: ‘world wide zapper’ sounded original and fitted the contents. And it still does, although nowadays it’s music instead of nice websites.

About (my passion for) music:

  • Listening seriously to music (in general) since: Early 1990, when I got hit by this compilation cd, played by my dad. I was 8 years old (turning 9 in april), and after asking for some instructions, I started making use of dad’s hifi installation by myself.
  • More about playing music in the very early days: Cds and vinyl records from my dad, containing old pop/rock classics, classical music and (somewhat corny) stuff like Luv and BZN. Besides that: music from a Dutch children choir called ‘Kinderen Voor Kinderen’. English translation: ‘Children For Children’. Besides that, I wasn’t aware of current (hit) music yet.
  • Listening to contemporary pop and dance music since: Halfway 1991, after playing with my clock radio, and discovering Radio 3 (nowadays called 3FM). Dance became the most important genre to me very soon, starting with T99 – Anasthasia (Scirocco Mix). And shortly after that, 2 Unlimited released their first single Get ready for this, immediately hitting me from the first seconds on; I’m literally grown up with their music. My parents weren’t very happy with that musical direction…
  • First single: 2 Unlimited – No limit, Februari or March 1993. A cd maxi single containing 6 tracks, all totally played to death. I didn’t buy lots of singles, though, because of lack of money. I was 11/12 years old.
  • First cd: Kinderen Voor Kinderen 11, december 1990. A ‘Sinterklaas’ present.
  • First cd, containing more grown-up music: 2 Unlimited – Get ready, somewhere in 1992. With all the money I had earned by picking strawberries and such things.
  • More cds in my – early – childhood? Lack of money made me mostly borrow cds from the local library, and taping them excessively (often on tapes bought in a second hand shop, to make it even worse…). Much to my pleasure, all Turn Up The Bass, House Party, Techno Trance, Move The House, etcetera compilation stuff was available there.
  • Idols in the past: Not very surprising: 2 Unlimited. I was a huge fan from spring 1992 till the split-up in 1996, and especially their second album ‘No limits’ (released in the spring of 1993) was a real milestone. In 1994, I was literally counting the days till the follow-up ‘Real things’ would be released, although that album didn’t seem to have the same impact.
  • Other idols? No. Also no boybands. I remember finding a lot of boyband fans kinda sad, btw…

 Radio/more about musical influences

  • Listening to the radio since: Like I said before: halfway 1991 –> the Dutch station Radio 3 (nowadays 3FM), especially the ‘Tros’ Thursday and ‘Veronica’ Friday.
  • Other important stations: Atlantis/Channel X, a local Dutch dance station (1997/1998), and Dancenet/DanceRadioOne (2000-2003). Tastewise, last one was very influential; along with Id&T Radio in the same period, it made me listen to more ‘serious’ dance music –> in the era 1994-2000, I remember my taste in music being quite flat/cheesy. I also have to mention the sophisticated feel of Radio FG/Underground FG (in 2005), when it comes to developing the danceable side of my current taste.
  • Important radio shows in the past: Dance Trax, For Those Who Like To Groove, Rinkeldekinkel, Stenders & Van Inkel, Avondspits, Popshop/The Magic Friends. Although last one was important because there wasn’t much choice around 4pm, right after school, in 1992-1994. All shows mentioned here were broadcasted by Radio 3, btw. There was another Dutch pop station, called Radio 538, but I wasn’t able to listen to it. Where I was living, this ‘cable only’ station – back then – wasn’t available.
  • Other musical influences? Studio Brussel’s hiphop show ‘The hop’ (hosted by Lefto) was an important one, around march 2008, because of discovering less mainstream black/exotic music. In combination with discovering Miles Davis’ Bitches brew, a couple of months earlier, and the influences from the past, everything felt into place. Tastewise, the years before were somethat confusing. Having actually ‘dance roots’, since 2005 I was more and more listening to other kinds of music (in general more relaxed compared to the years before), and also to a lot more music released before the 90s. The amount of funky elements was also increasing. Also new: preferring music with a natural undertone, produced in a dynamic way. 2005-2008 was a transition period when it comes to all these things.
  • How discovering music nowadays? Mostly internet radio. I’ve got a couple of internet radios at home; among them a Squeezebox. It’s a relaxed way of discovering great music, you only have to know some stations fitting your musical taste. And from time to time, I stumble upon nice tracks by reading nice reviews, clicking something at YouTube, etcetera. I prefer the relaxed way, not too forced. It’s impossible to know everything. :)
  • Making radio by myself since: March 2011, when I started my first internet station ‘Only 00s’. It doesn’t exist anymore.





8 thoughts on “About me & this site

  1. Thanks for the compliments, especially about Good Vibrations’ jingles (I guess those are the ‘announcers’ you’re talking about). :)

  2. just discovered on Itunes…
    great music, perfect mood, always listening your music when I’m at home.

    Federico, from Milan

  3. Thanks. If you’ve got song suggestions (fitting the format): they are always welcome. :)

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