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This page contains a combination of link exchanges and Wwzapper’s choices; all written in Dutch (despite the English descriptions below). Visit the other links page for international sites.

Music, general

  • Beats & Bass – A personal dance blog, filled by somebody listening to this kind of music over 20 years already. Not excessively updated, but very informative when there’s something new.
  • Eigenwijze 30 – The webmaster compiles his own charts with recent songs (partly based on the songs he really likes), broadcasted by Q-FM/Golfbrekerradio.
  • E-Talking – A personal blog about – often – slightly alternative music. Updates: unexpected, no strict schedule, but when there’s something new it feels quite passionated.

Music, nostalgic

  • Hits Aller Tijden – Links to more than 1400 charts, filled with old music.
  • Jaren 90 Disco Show – There’s nothing about specific acts on the site, but anyway… you can hear lots of 90s music there.
  • Reminded And Rewinded – A very informative, well written Dutch blog about the history of top 40 music.
  • My Top 40 Gold – Looking back at old chart hits in The Netherlands.
  • That 90s Party – A site from a 90s party organisator.
  • Top 40 90s – A general site about mainstream 90s music.

Webradios, specific

  • Club DDD – From The Netherlands: 40 years of soul and disco. Mostly non-stop, sometimes presentation.
  • 192 Radio – From The Netherlands: Golden oldies, from the 60s and 70s. Sometimes presentation, when old shows are aired again.
  • Extra Gold NL – From The Netherlands: Golden oldies, from the 60s, 70s and 80s. Much presentation.
  • KX Radio – From The Netherlands: A lot of (semi-)famous Dutch people present their favorite tracks. A big part of the playlist is pop/rock oriënted, but there’s also other music. Much presentation.
  • Planet 90 – From The Netherlands: Varied 90s music, although much dance. Often non-stop, sometimes presentation.
  • Radio Tijdloos – From The Netherlands: Golden oldies, mostly 50s and 60s. Non-stop.
  • Studio Brussel – From Belgium: Varied music, old and new, often slightly alternative. Much presentation.

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