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A combination of link exchanges and personal favorites. For link exchanges, use the contact page.
!!! At the bottom part of this page, you’ll find links to sites written in Dutch.

Various music sites

Nostalgic music sites are below this section + in this part of the ‘Dutch language’ section.

  • Deep House Headquarters – A site about deep house: mixes, playlists, nightlife, etcetera.
  • Radio I love it – Everything about the art of making radio. Very long stories; can be interesting for real radio lovers.
  • Ross On Radio – A bunch of very nice columns, for those searching for background info about the American radio industry.
  • United Sounds Choice – An internet radio station from The Netherlands, playing almost every (somewhat) mainstream style. Many shows, and extremely varied.

Nostalgia, music

  • The Early 90s – A blog about music (and media) of the early 90s.
  • Eurodance Blog – A blog about that type of music, mostly the kind of eurodance of the 90s.
  • For Those Who Like The Music – ‘Paropetje’ filled his site with oldschool house and rave videos.
  • K Dj Eurodance LTD – …or call it ‘The Eurodance Encyclopaedia’. This site about this music genre is huge.
  • Radio Eurodance Classic – An internet station from Belgium. This station plays eurodance all day long, and not only the big hits.
  • Stimmenfieber’s Dance Top 1000 – This (formerly… sadly he had a fateful accident) huge dance freak once compiled a personal dance top 1000. Most tracks are of the 90s and not very well-known. There’s a lot to try!
  • Stimmenfieber’s Electronic 2000 – To be honest, the link above is an old version. The – once – site owner made a new list, even as twice as long (!).
  • We Are The 90’s – A (good looking) blog of a 90s party organisation. In the French language, btw.
  • Webdj’s – Eurodance & Italodance – A kind of an eurodance museum. This german spoken site contains a huge amount of scans (’93-’96) of old magazines, and most people on that site are totally forgotten nowadays. Visit especially the ‘reports’ section, and also don’t forget ‘interviews’, but there’s more.

Nostalgia, various

  • Children of The 90s – A blog officially dedicated to ‘all things 90s’; mostly tv stuff though.
  • Do You Remember – A big and professionally looking site, where you can also provide pics by yourself.
  • Your 90s – Looking at the colorful background brings you in the 90s mood immediately, when visiting this site.
  • In The 70s – General 70s flashback site.
  • In The 80s – General 80s flashback site.
  • In The 90s – General 90s flashback site.
  • In The 00s – Discussion board, about things happening in the past and also about current pop culture. This site is of the same owner as the sites above.
  • 90s 411 – A general 90s site, containing well-written stories about pop culture related subjects.
  • Retronaut – Pictures, pictures, pictures. From all eras, and you can also contribute them.

Nostalgia, webshops

  • Retro-a-go-go! – The design of the home page is already enough to visit this site at least one time.
  • – Again a great designed webshop in 50s style, to buy all things retro.

Link directories, webradios

Link directories, general


Sites written in Dutch

…despite the English descriptions below.

Music, general

  • Eigenwijze 30 – The webmaster compiles his own charts with recent songs (partly based on the songs he really likes), broadcasted by Q-FM/Golfbrekerradio.
  • E-Talking – A personal blog about – often – slightly alternative music. Updates: unexpected, no strict schedule, but when there’s something new it feels quite passionated.
  • Rob Stenders – The personal site of one of Holland’s biggest music freaks (and radio djs). Check ‘Radio & TV’ for a bunch of great internet stations, often playing surprising oldies.

Music, nostalgia, general

  • Hits Aller Tijden – Links to more than 1400 charts, filled with old music.
  • Reminded And Rewinded – A very informative, well written Dutch blog about the history of top 40 music.
  • My Top 40 Gold – Looking back at old chart hits in The Netherlands.
  • Top 40 90s – A general site about mainstream 90s music.

Music, nostalgia, party organisations

Link directories, webradios

Link directories, general