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About this site

For people reading this on a +1024 screen: parts of this page, especially the last part, are similar to the lines in the sidebar. But many mobile users won’t see that sidebar, so I’ve copied some lines to this page.

Basics about myself

I’m female, living in the south of The Netherlands and born April 1981. I’m listening to music since early 1990 (children’s music, my dad’s cds and lps) and to current music since halfway 1991. I’ve got dance roots, but in the 2005-2008 era it became the current mish mash.

!!! In case you are interested in the full version: read a very, very long version, containing a lot of ‘I’, here.

This site: Why?

This is a kind of a database, started in 2010 with the first tracks which came to mind, and since then constantly growing bigger and bigger.

Making a kind of a personal music database is needed for myself to see the wood for the trees, after listening to music over 25 years already. But sharing it with others is more fun. You can try something you don’t know yet, or feel nostalgic about some songs of yesterday.

The track selection and ratings are strictly subjective, of course. It’s a matter of taste. There are many well-made tracks not hitting me in the heart.

!!! Curious about some old versions of this website, and even older sites (in fact, I’m producing websites since late 2000)? You can find them here.

About the tags

Tiny subgenres
Instead of nitpicking about tiny subgenres, I make use of ‘big’ genre tags as much as possible.

Electronic styles?
‘Electronic music’ is an umbrella term for many kinds of electronic sounding music, trip hop included, mostly under 120 bpm.

Hits in Holland / release year
When track X became a (Dutch) hit one, two or more years after the original year of release, it’s mentioned. It’s often similar to the situation in other countries.

The original year of release?
The original year of release is based on information at sites like Discogs.

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