*** Music to try or to feel nostalgic about. There are two ways to browse the tracks. ***

More webradios

Personal recommendations. No info about shows/presentation means at least 80% non-stop music.

Dance stations

  • Deep FM – From the Netherlands (Dutch spoken). Many kinds of dance music and a complete, thought-out program schedule.
  • Kif Radio – From France. The stream link is the ‘original’ Kif (there are three stations more): a mix of disco, funk and groovy house.
  • Paris One Reverse – From France. This station plays techno, tech-house, minimal and subtle kinds of ‘regular’ house. There are some streams more on that website; I also recommend ‘Deeper’.
  • Pro FM – From the Netherlands, despite the English language: Many kinds of (quite) mainstream, danceable music, of the late 70s till now. Often non-stop, sometimes presentation.
  • Underground FG – From France. This station plays the same kind of music as Paris One Reverse (mentioned before). On the same website I also recommend FG House Chic and Maxximum 90’s.

Relaxing/headphone music

  • Bluemars – Unknown heritage. Spacy, ethereal music. It’s somewhat similar to the station below, on the same ‘Echoes Of Bluemars’ website – although I prefer that one.
  • Cryosleep – Unknown heritage. Ambient music, zero beats, non-stop. The ‘Echoes Of Bluemars’-streams are copies of the original Bluemars streams btw, made by a fan of the (since a couple of years not existing anymore) original streams.
  • OEM Radio – From the USA. Many kinds of electronic music, at their Facebook page they say ‘downtempo, IDM, ambient, dub, minimal techno, psychill, glitch-hop, others’.
  • Groove Salad – From the USA. One of the Soma FM streams, playing lounge/downtempo.
  • Drone Zone – From the USA. One of the Soma FM streams, playing ambient music.

Black/exotic/electronic/or combinations

  • Alternativeradio – From France: Many kinds of exotic and urban music, of the 60s till now.
  • Bolz Radio – From France, playing many kinds of music, but often on the funky/soulful/jazzy/urban/world music side, and often unknown stuff.
  • Bruzz – From Belgium (Dutch spoken). It’s been put into this category because of the genre shows late at night; often published at their Mixcloud account. Recommended: Chunks Of Funk and The Jazz Station, both at Sunday night. During office hours (Central European Time) it’s a station with local news from Brussels and better known tracks. **
  • Djam Radio – From France. Mostly black and relaxed types of music (sometimes world music). There’s the possibility to vote for the songs.
  • FIP – From France: A mix of pop, funk, jazz, blues, urban, world, a little bit of hip hop and electronic, and even classical music. With presentation, in a subtle way though, by sweet female voices. **
  • Le Mellotron – From France: Electronic/urban music + something exotic from time to time. This is that specific undefinable format people like Lefto and Gilles Peterson play.
  • Nova – From France. Many kinds of music, old and new, often semi-mainstream and often urban/funky/world music oriented – but also regular pop. Much presentation.
  • NTS – From the UK. An eclectic blend of electronic and black music styles. Many shows.
  • Petro Basement Broadcast – From France: Laurent Garnier plays his favorite tracks, in many, many styles.
  • Radar Radio – From the UK: Many kinds of beats, very eclectic. Also many kinds of shows.
  • Radio Fly Foot Selecta – From France: Exotic sounding music, much reggae.
  • Worldwide FM – From the UK: Home of many djs, like Lefto and Gilles Peterson (I’ve mentioned them before). That’s the type of music the station plays. Many shows.

Various genres, but often pop or rock

  • BBC Radio 6 – From the UK, playing many kinds of pop and rock music often not that mainstream. Much presentation. **
  • KX Radio – From The Netherlands (Dutch spoken): Lots of radio djs (partly well-known, partly less-known, partly young talent) present their favorite tracks. A big part of the playlist is pop/rock oriënted, but there’s also other music. Much presentation. **
  • Pinguin Grooves – From The Netherlands: The groovy/funky stream of the Pinguin Radio family.
  • Pinguin Pluche – From The Netherlands: The soft/relaxed stream of the Pinguin family, frequently playing songs in the Dutch language but also world music.
  • Pinguin Radio – From The Netherlands: The original Pinguin Radio, playing new and old (semi-)alternative music.
  • Studio Brussel – From Belgium (Dutch spoken): Varied music, old and new, often semi-alternative. I personally recommend Lefto’s show, broadcast from September till June but always available at Mixcloud. Much presentation. **

Various genres, impossible to make head or tails of it

  • Ckut – From Canada. A Montreal based college station, playing tracks within about 1001 styles, often quite obscure. You can download their shows; among them the great WeFunk show. Sadly, there are no playlists published.
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